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Orosz interjú az Archívum zenekarral 2011 (angolra fordítva)

In a series of publications on the international stage right, the editorial board of the National Resistance "is the exclusive interviews with veterans and the undisputed leader of the Hungarian music of resistance - a group of" Archivum ". We sincerely thank Magyar colleagues for their time and candid answers to our questions!

1) Welcome to the Hungarian comrades from the "Archivum"! The first question - a classic, but for the interview it is indispensable. Tell us a little about your group. When, how and where it was formed "Archivum"?

- Salute to our Russian kameradam! "Archivum" was formed in summer 1992 in Budapest, as the very first skinhedovskaya rock - a group in Hungary, which became the National Assembly hold an open focus. We were young, very active and we had something to say about our views of the world. In subsequent years, our structure has changed several times, but I think with each new change, we only get better.

2) What dictated this choice of band name - "Archivum"?

- First of all, we think this name sounds good. In addition, it suggests where collected documentary evidence of crimes of communism, which we will never forget either, nor forgive.

3) Please tell us about your discography.

- Oh, we've released a lot of releases on cassette and CD. We have also participated in a number of joint reviews, and of course in various compilations. Here is a list of our releases to date:

4) We do not understand Hungarian language - for Russian it's very difficult to understand. What are your songs?

- Oh yes you are right, the Hungarian language is indeed very difficult to understand, and not only Russian, but also for those who do not speak it:) Our songs are devoted to current problems with society, NS / Skinhead topics, we have a lot of songs of the battles, the glorification of our heroes, but there are also texts and our enemies. Also, we write 3 sad farewell song after losing close friends and comrades. In the past, focus our poetry was more rigorous and honest (we "pay" a price for it), but now we have a more profound and intelligent lyrics.

5) Tell me more about your extreme studio album "Szabadságharc".

- This was a very important step in our "career", because we knew that simply must release a very powerful album, as some of our fans - still continue to prefer our former vocalist Borczy, (he sang in the group between 1995 -2001), who was a drug addict and a traitor's ideas, he could not withstand the pressure of ZOG, as was too weak. We also released a triple-split and compilation overwritten with the old songs with new vocalist after the departure of Borczy from the scene, but in any case, this album «Szabadságharc» was the first CD with brand new songs of our group. I think we did a good job, the material sounded as good as we planned, and we finally - is able to leave a "ghost" of our former vocalist of the past. Yes, he was a charismatic frontman, but now he was just past. Fortunately, the fans like our new album, and this is important.

6) How extensive and active your concert activities? How many gigs you played and where they went? Can you identify where you played your best gig? Tell us about your last (to date) performance?

- We are very intensively performed at concerts in the 90's, and I think we played about 150 concerts in many countries such as Hungary, of course, Germany, Britain, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia .. Best performance? Hmmm .. We had so many memorable concerts over the past 19 years, probably the best of them were in Hungary, but the concerts in other countries, too, had fun, we have gained great experience, and going on many adventures as while traveling, and at themselves concerts. We met a lot of worthy companions in those years, thank you for everything!

7) You veterans WP-scene. Tell us about the history of Hungarian music scene right, please. Are there many active gangs in Hungary at present?

- It's true, we have created the NA-skinhead scene in Hungary, 90's, they were great days of camaraderie, trust and respect. NA-leading teams were groups such as "Archívum", "Valhalla", "Vérszerződés", "Nimród", "Út és Cél", "Őrjárat", "ACAB", "Fehér Törvény", held many concerts with the most " cream "the best groups of 90:" Squadron "," Corona Ferrea "," ADL 122 "," Konkwista 88 "," Excalibur "," Brutal Attack "," Providenje "," English Rose "," Blue Eyed Devils " , "Aggravated Assault", "Bound for Glory", "Aryan", "Max Resist", "Svastika", "Fortress", "Landser", "Avalon", "Vlajka" ...

At the moment, along with groups - veterans, active in Hungary, following the young formations: "Kitörés", "TarsOi!", "Turul Nemzetség", "Worst Nightmare", "Hunor", "Szebb napok", "Révület", "Végítélet "," Tar Had "," Agresszív Fellépés "," Vér Kötelez "," Új Rend "," Utolsó Védvonal "," HunterSS "," Védőosztag "," Bombs not Food "," Fehér Vihar "," Vérvád ", "Jogos Önvédelem", "Onogur", "Gungnír" and a number of others.

8) What are the major festivals WP-music taking place in Hungary? What is your personal opinion about such a Hungarian festival as "sons of Europe"?

- I would call a memorial festival "Day Of Honour" and of course, "SOE", as the largest and most significant events on the right music scene in Hungary. I think fest "Sons of Europe Side by Side" - not only the largest concert in the National Assembly of Hungary, but this is one of the largest festivals right across Europe! Magnificent group, professional organization, excellent teamwork worthy companions.

9) Do you play concerts are now outside of Hungary?

- No, we do not play abroad. It was fun to travel thousands of miles to the concerts when we were young, otvyaznyh and had a lot of free time, but I think now we have to allow for overseas concerts represented the Hungarian National Assembly of the scene and the new Hungarian groups.

10) Please tell us about the Hungarian National Assembly Movement (organization, stocks, etc.)

- We have too many small organizations (eg, "Blood and Honour Hungária", "Hungarian Hammerskins", "Skins 4 Skins Hungária", "Véres Kard", "BHS", "Hungária Skins", "Fehér Kör", "NFP "," Aryan Sister Unity "," Autonom Nationalists "," Nemzeti Munkáspárt "," Pax Hungarica "," MNA "," NS Front "...) instead of one or two strong organizations. Some Hungarian organizations can work together, but most do not have friends from other unions, for several reasons. All organizations are more or less active in various activities such as concerts, help POW's and the comrades who have problems with ZOG, posting flyers and stickers, etc. We have an annual memorial event entitled "Day of Honor", where all the activists think of the breakout from the Buda Castle in 1945.

11) What do you think about the two legendary NA organizations: "B & H" and "HSN"? What is your assessment of their activities in Hungary and internationally?

- We are not members of those organizations, respectively, and we can not judge their work correctly. I think it would be more fair if you ask about it directly from them. I am confident that we have different views on their activity.

12) Are there any conflicts between the NA groups in Hungary? Is the Hungarian movement united or not?

- Well, there is no unity in a long time. 90 were days of glory movement, now we have too many organizations, too many conflicts, too many boycotts, too much crap on the stage. This is not something that we have built in the 90's when we respected each other.

13) What is the political situation in Hungary at the moment?

- The situation is not very good. 20 years of "democracy" brought unemployment, devastation, depression, uncertainty, etc. The Party "Jobbik" - is a small chance in the parliament, which the National Assembly does not have the right not to use it.

14) What, if following question about your attitude to "Jobbik", which is the most popular nationalist party in your country?

- We have a positive attitude "Jobbik". Most of the NA do not like them because they "play a game of" democracy "and try to stay away from the extreme right. But, at least, "Jobbik" is present in the Hungarian parliament, in their ranks is well-known ex-skinheads, they do a good job in parliament. AG was elected to the 30's, Benito M., too, so what's the problem in order to play this game? At least, "Jobbik" does, and they are closest to our goals. Our "extreme right" organization can not even stay together, only to throw mud at each other in a while "Jobbik" have a seat in parliament and have the chance to change something.

15) 5 years ago flooded the streets of Budapest, thousands of people protesting against Prime Minister Gyurcsány. Companions of the National Assembly of the Movement had played an important role in the riots and fights with police. What are your memories of those glorious days?

- It was a great time and it seemed that our people revolted against the tyranny again, you could feel if there is a chance to change something. People who have reached the limit, they are tired of oppression and lies of politicians. Unfortunately, the police remained loyal to their owners, they protect the oppressors of our country, many protesters were beaten, tortured in prison, they were shooting at people on the streets in front of everyone, many have been injured, even innocent bystanders. Tight police during a riot broke the resistance. I think that while we needed a single acknowledged leader, but unfortunately, we have it was not.

16) Please comment on Hungary's membership in NATO and the European Union? How life has changed after the Hungarian people, the country's entry into these transnational education?

- I do not agree with the entry into NATO and the EU, they do not bring anything good for us, Hungarians. I am impressed, for example, the independence of Switzerland, is an example for all Europe. The Swiss people are smart enough to not enter into any stupid unions during its history. They are independent, and no one can dictate its will. NATO membership means that we too can be victims of terrorists. Accession to the EU - is to import cheap crap from other countries while our agriculture and industry is fully destroyed. Only the rich can benefit from this global plan for domination, ordinary people are doomed and need to wallow. Unfortunately, their propaganda is so strongly affected the brains of our people that they voted for it. We signed our death sentence then. I can only welcome Switzerland to its opposition to this plague!

17) What do you think about this ugly phenomenon as chauvinism? What is your opinion about the Hungarian-Slovakian Conflict?

- Chauvinism quite dangerous, and ultimately it serves only the interests of the "chosen people". While white people hate and fight each other, our enemies can safely continue to rule the world without any problems. I think that all white nations should stick together, trying to "forgive the tragedies of the past." We have other things to occupy them in the first place, instead of fighting each other. Before it's too late! If you do not trust others, it is better to ignore them and do their job, but do not waste your time fighting the white men with white people. Our final and main goal is to protect Europe from the evil spirits.

18) Hungary famous for the heroic defense of Budapest at the end of World War II. Could you tell us more about those events as well as on the annual memorial campaign "Day of Honour"? What kind of problems arise c his conduct in the past few years?

- Protection of Budapest, and a breakthrough - yet another example where the Hungarian and German troops to defend Europe, this time from Bolshevism. Memorial marches under the auspices of "Day of Honour" began in the glorious days of the 90's, the number of those present grew with each passing year, we had speakers from a variety of white countries. Of course, ZOG haunted all these activities, they watched for a while for those which can achieve the scale of our action as soon as it was ambitious, they began to forbid, to attack people going to the march, they even attacked a memorial concert dedicated to the "Day of Honor" in 1999. You know, this is a memorial rally, where we remember those heroes that defended Hungary and Europe as a whole, these events where we honor the heroes who defended Hungary and Europe, but of course, ZOG has called this action "neo-Nazi gathering," " activities that disturb the peace "," threat to society, "etc. In other words, they acted as accustomed to act in respect of all decent: honor, loyalty, pride and freedom. Obviously, the ZOG needed only sheep brainwashed, not rebels, who have a serious purpose and faith in their hearts.

19) We have heard that you play at concerts in masks. Do you have any problems with the police?

- No, in fact, our faces are so ugly that we decided to wear a head mask. We have no problems with the police, they have problems with their masters, who do not take freedom of speech, when some groups are singing the truth about it.

20) What do you think of mp3-piracy against WP scene?

- This phenomenon has two sides. Positive that young people can convey their message, promotion, our point of view, absolutely free. But at the same time it is negative, because if you are a representative group or label, you spend a lot of money on instruments, recording studios, production of discs, etc. I think all the explaining for a long time that these things are not free, and if you just download the music, the groups / labels will not return back the money invested, and eventually there will be no new releases, so that the mp3-piracy is slowly killing the music-NA scene. I know there are too many teams and too many albums these days, you can not buy them all, but I think if you liked the downloaded material, you should buy the original CD, if you have the opportunity.

21) We have heard that some of the Hungarian National Assembly hardcore team played with "apolitical" HC groups. What do you think about this?

- It's their choice. Maybe they can bring "new blood" in our scene, but I'm not 100% sure. I know a little about the Hungarian apolitical hardcore scene, but I know there are a lot of liberals / anti-fascists in their ranks who will not play with hardcore right-wing - the team certainly .. Ha ha ..

22) Tell us about the glorious pages of the history of your country? Who do you think national heroes of Hungary?

- Our history is known to protect Europe from attacks of the Mongols / Turks / Muslims in the Middle Ages, we have the famous kings and warriors. I think it is very well known uprising against communism in 1956, and also the liberation war in 1848 against the Habsburgs. I could name a lot of Hungarian national hero, but the list is endless, just not enough space in the format of the interview to mention them all, but I would not want anyone - he remained anonymous.

23) Would you recommend us to some places that should be visited in Hungary? What are the attractions in your country are worthy of attention?

- Well, I think you may find interesting and beautiful places all over Hungary, in every major city. In Budapest, you should visit Heroes' Square, Buda Castle, Parliament, we have a lot of beautiful castles in Hungary, built in the Middle Ages, Lake Balaton is also a fairly well known.

24) What can you say about Russia? Do you know Russian WP-group? Whether you come in contact with the Russian National Assembly?

- Yes, we first met Russian skinheads in the mid 90's in Budapest, when they came to one of the NS-concerts. We stayed only only the best memories of that we met each other back in the glory days. Of course, we know a few Russian WP-groups, mainly the well-known. And of course, we have contacts with like-minded people in your country.

25) Sorry for such a hackneyed question, but what are your future plans? Upcoming concerts new album?

- We did not play concerts in recent years, but "Archívum" will celebrate 20 years in 2012, so maybe we'll record the anniversary album, in order to celebrate this special event. We are no longer young, we have families, so for us things are not as easy as it was 20 years ago, you know.

26) Your last words to readers of this interview in Russia and your wishes the team website / magazine "National Resistance".

- We would like to convey greetings to all the Russian friends we met during the past years (you know who you are!) And welcome Russian activists. We know you work hard in our business, and I am confident that the Russian movement may be an example for the European Movement's commitment and readiness for battle! Glory to you, comrades!

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